Education Vlog

Sphero Mini Review

A review of the amazing Sphero, plus ideas of how it might be used in KS1/2 for teaching Computing.

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Book Review - Rosie Revere, Engineer

Rosie may quiet, but at night she’s a brilliant inventor who dreams of becoming a great engineer...

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Book Review - Wellbeing in the Primary Classroom (Adrian Bethune)

Adrian Bethune takes the latest evidence from the science of positive psychology and brings them to life.

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Curiscope VirtualiTee: Review for Teachers

Transform your classroom with Augmented Reality!

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Teaching Computational Thinking - Ideas and Activities for Teachers

Ideas for teaching computational thinking to young students which don't need a computer!

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Teacher Review - XP PEN G640S Graphics Digital Drawing Tablet

Some ideas for how a graphics tablet could be useful to teachers, both inside the classroom and out!

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