Time Unravellers - the Official Website
Written by John Bolton

Once Evie, Emma, Sammy and Arthur properly form their secret society of Time Unravellers, Arthur is quick to formalise a set of rules to govern their use of the time machine…


“Oh yes,” Arthur remembered. He cleared his throat. “So. I’ve come up with a list of rules for time travel. And I think it would be sensible that we agree on them.”

“Dooooo weeeeee have a say on whether we agree with them?” Evie asked with a chuckle.

“How many rules are we talking about?” Sammy asked. “And when did you find the time to do this? It wasn’t last night, and we spent the ride to school working on the whole ‘we have much to discuss’ bit.”

“Biology. And there are eighty-six. I’ve hand-written these because I didn’t think it was a good idea to type them up in case someone found the file. We really can’t let anyone find out about this.”

“Eighty-six?” Sammy said in wonder.

“There are copies for each of us, so please read them and keep them somewhere safe,” Arthur continued.

“You hand-wrote four separate copies?” Emma gasped. “You came up with eighty rules and wrote them out by hand four times…all in Biology? That’s insane!”

Arthur shrugged. “Biology is pointless,” he explained. “Doing it in a Physics lesson would be insane. Although it would be conducive to the thought process, obviously.”

“Obviously,” Evie agreed dryly.

“Eighty-six?” Sammy repeated.


Each chapter features a different rule from Arthur’s comprehensive list. Why 86 of them? Ah, well – that would be telling!