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Written by John Bolton

One of the difficulties with Time Unravellers is that some of the characters have quite long and complicated backstories which simply can’t be made to fit within the confines of the novel. I’m not really a big fan of flashbacks, although I concede that they are sometimes necessary devices, they really should be used to serve a character rather than a story. So with the Prologue to the novel, I took the liberty of fleshing out a little backstory before getting into the real story. I cheated, basically.

The Prologue therefore (perhaps obviously) takes place some time before the events of the book, and serves to introduce the time machine and the opposing forces of Elmley and Raven.


As Elmley turned to leave, Raven snatched at her dress. “Why should I be driven out?” she growled.

Elmley took Raven’s hands in her own. They were dirty from where she had been forced to crawl on the damp earth. “What they did to you was wrong. You have suffered more than any child ever -”

Raven shook herself free from Elmley’s grip and pulled away from her. “I am not a child!” she spat.

“No,” Elmley agreed gravely. “No, you’re not. But you cannot punish the sons for the sins of the fathers.”

Raven smiled a little. “Ten years old,” she mused. Then, in a mocking tone: “Stand by thyself, for I am holier than thou.”

“I don’t know what that means,” Elmley said wearily. “And I am ten and a half.”


It is the summer of 1850. By this point, much of Raven's evil deeds have already been committed. Determined to stop her from further harming the townsfolk of Aubern, young Elmley banishes her.
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