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On Writing “Of What Befell Harley McCool”

This chapter didn’t finally get written until I came to start re-writes in April, 2014. In times past, my efforts to revise and rewrite my work consisted of me reading through what I’d written and arbitrarily adjusting the odd word here, correcting a typo there. Different drafts of my older work were scarcely more than a dozen words apart. With Time Unravellers, I was much less unscrupulous. [Fairly sure that’s litotes. It’s been a while since I felt the need to use words like litotes in order to make myself sound big and clever.] This chapter was missing from the original beta release of the book, leaving a gap in the narrative during the climax of the story. My original reason for the gap was that I basically didn’t know what to write. So I left it. Later, I thought I might write a separate short story, which I planned to publish on the Time Unravellers website as a sort of curiosity. I thought a short story might prompt some intrigue, and make people want to read the whole novel. But that still wouldn’t help with the problem of the gap. So, I decided to write the missing chapter back into the book, fill the void, tie things together. It just makes more sense. The main problem was that I wrote much of Time Unravellers before I really knew what it was going to be about. That’s NaNoWriMo’s fault. One of the most important characters didn’t even exist when I started writing it, and consequently there were some weak areas during the progression of the story. So, although the book was almost finished in October, 2o13, it took more than a year to completely finish it.

This chapter appears towards the end of the novel. Can’t really say much more than that…

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John Bolton spreads his time fairly evenly between writing, working in special needs education, and sleeping. He lives in an historic Devon town where he keeps all his belongings, writes, and pretends to play the piano.

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