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Written by John Bolton

On Writing “A Victorian Sketch”

This chapter stemmed from numerous conversations with the present Mrs Bolton. As has always been the case, she is my greatest critic. Seriously – you should hear her 🙂 She is also the staunchest supporter of my writing efforts, and has always been there to offer insight and...
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On Writing “Of What Befell Harley McCool”

This chapter didn’t finally get written until I came to start re-writes in April, 2014. In times past, my efforts to revise and rewrite my work consisted of me reading through what I’d written and arbitrarily adjusting the odd word here, correcting a typo there....
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How It All Began

Time Unravellers was born in 2005. But the name of the book came much, much earlier… In April 1997, a friend and I filmed a very short spoof film – imagine a blend of The Time Tunnel and Plan 9 From Outer Space, and you’re close to what I’m talking about....
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Welcome, faithful reader

That you’re reading this means you have already found the Time Unravellers Facebook page and are therefore probably already a supporter of the book! So – thank you! Over the coming posts, I’m going to reveal some behind-the-scenes snippets and chart the probably...
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