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Written by John Bolton

a novel

A New Young Adults Novel
When 12-year-old Evie inherits an antique metronome, nothing can prepare her for the discovery that it's a time machine. But this gift has an evil will of its own, and Evie will need all the help she can get when ruthless The Company sets its sights on her.

Time Unravellers is a new novel for readers aged 10-14.

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The Darkness

Dark and foreboding girl, she is the time machine’s first keeper and she’s hellbent on getting it back – no matter what the  cost.

The Guardian

A mysterious girl from the past, one of the time machine’s former keepers, and protector of the town.

The Hero

A shy but determined 12-year-0ld who loves adventure stories and longs to have just an ounce of her heroes’s courage.

The Mouth

A proud and street-smart girl in whose shadow Evie lives

The Humour

Lends his dry humour when it’s most needed and least expected (and vice versa).

The Brains

The brains of the group, who devises the name ‘Time Unravellers’ and a list of 86 rules to govern their time travel capers

Strong Female Characters

The novel features five central characters, three of whom are female. The protagonist is Evie, a shy girl who finds her courage over the course of the book and emerges as a strong and confident hero at the end.

Age Appropriate

While the style of the writing is respectful to the intelligence of its readers, the lack of swearing or overtly adult themes means it remains appropriate to a younger audience.

Strong Morality

The novel has a strong moral identity, presenting well defined heroes and villains, but also implying that there are repercussions for evil deeds…

Positive Role Models

The characters in the novel are all positive role models - apart from the evil ones! The good characters demonstrate the virtues of friendship, honesty and compassion


The use of time travel shows that there are always consequences for our actions - and our inactions

About the Author

John was born in Worcester in 1978 and spent his childhood in Stourport-on-Severn, a Georgian canal town not unlike Aubern. John graduated from Birmingham University in 2000 with a Bachelors Degree in Childhood Studies and promptly retired to the Devon seaside where he married his University library sweetheart in 2004. He now works in a school for children and young people with special needs, and squeezes in occasional bursts of writing in his free time.

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