Up in the Air

Ah, it’s all going splendidly for George Clooney. Flying around all over the place, living in hotels and departure lounges, a loyalty card for everything, no ties. But then some drawly-voiced little strumpet strolls in and virtualizes his job for him. What a slut. Happily, she doesn’t ruin things completely. One suicide later, and she’s […]

Monsters versus Aliens

Ah, poor Susan. Just about to get married, when a meteorite hits her and makes her all big and unwieldly. No good for a wedding night. Although certain benefits present themselves. It was around this point (about 7½ minutes in) that two things occurred to me. One, that I’m actually faintly disturbed and annoyed by […]

Edge of Darkness

There’s something strangely satisfying about sitting down to watch a film about which you know virtually nothing, and Edge of Darkness was full of surprises. Now, I like action films, so I don’t expect this to be everyone’s cup of tea. There’s a lot of shooting. Particularly at the end, where most of the characters […]

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