The Bridge

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Right at this moment, I’m concerned less with the documentary The Bridge, and more with how much of a tosser Roger Ebert is. Looking to his review (first one that came up in Google) for some background info with which to inform my own review, I found this choice morsel:

“Any movie fan watching “The Bridge” will remember Kim Novak’s swooning plunge into the bay (from under the bridge, but with the Golden Gate soaring above) in Alfred Hitchcock’s tragic romance, “Vertigo.””

I’m a movie fan. I haven’t seen Vertigo. I suppose that means I’m not a movie fan, does it? Does it make me less of a movie fan, Roger? The fact I’d rather watch Ghostbusters than Gone With the Wind – that makes me less of an intellectual, does it? Makes me unsophisticated? I’ll tell you what makes me unsophisticated, Roger. It’s not the fact I like Aliens more than Alien, it’s not the fact that I thought 8mm was a good film, and it’s not the fact that loved the endless endings of Return of the King. It’s the fact that given half a chance, I’d like nothing more than to sit behind you in some artsy-fartsy art house, and spend the entire film talking loudly and kicking the back of your fucking seat.

The Bridge, yeah. It was good.


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