Book Review: The Amazing World of Arthur Klump


Alex Williams & Eric Trum


Alex Williams


Half Man Half Octopus



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Arthur Klump's adventure is clearly written by someone who understands children. The story is fantastical without being unrelatable, there are unobtrusive science lessons built into the story, and it is genuinely hilarious. The illustrations are exactly right for the writing: there's no fat on them whatsoever, they're simple and uncluttered. It honestly feels like the writer is sitting telling you the story, periodically pausing to quickly sketch something out as a visual guide. And it works perfectly. The style of story-telling is, accordingly, very intimate. A genuine pleasure to read, and a book you're likely to want to consume in a single sitting (a bit like a large tub of butter). The world absolutely needs more Arthur Klump.


Thematic Breakdown

Educational Value

The book explains concepts such as the water cycle and surface drainage

Role Models

Arthur and his friend Jonny are both kind-hearted and adventurous

Positive Message

Arthur and Jonny show us the importance of friendship and courage, and accepting people's differences

Gender Representations

Both central characters are male

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