Is “Little Miss Inventor” really empowering?

I’ve complained about gender inequality in STEM subjects (or rather, the shoddy attempts to combat it) before. This is the Mr Men/Little Miss empire’s attempt to empower young girls and make the STEM world appealing.

But heaven forbid women in the STEM world could also be fabulous.

FABULOUS = styled hair and fancy shoes and an expensive-looking handbag and a confident poise as you stride around

STEM = spectacles, and pencils and spanners poking out of your hair, and the wearing of an expression like you’re uncomfortable in your own skin

Is this the message we want girls to hear? Is it really too much trouble for these marketing people to dream up a character that:

  1. Draws girls towards the potential wonders of the STEM world, and shows them where their natural talents could take them
  2. Doesn’t belittle them and reduce them to the sum of their looks and apparel

Sometimes, I despair.

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