Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

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Writing opening. I’ll be honest, I expected nothing. The title utterly put me off. It sounded irritatingly whimsical. I’m not a big fan of whimsy. So, when I eventually came to watch it some six months after the rest of the world (pretty good for me), it was purely for the benefit of my son. I was pleasantly surprised.

Not just pleasantly surprised, actually. Bloody delighted. The hero, Flint, won me over in the first few minutes with his habit of describing his own actions. I loved it. His lab is everything a mad professor’s lab should be, all flashing lights and huge machines. Flint spoke to me on so many personal levels: only by inventing a time machine could he have endeared himself to me any more greatly. As a cast, the characterisation was just flawless. I struggle to recall an animation in which it’s been done better. And the casting of Mr T was just fantastic. I love Mr T.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs is nothing short of a delight. It’s glorious to look at, and it’s genuinely hilarious. Not just hilarious in the way that films can be when you’re in a good mood and you’re less harshly critical of the script. It’s really funny. I laughed out loud many, many times. If ever the world needed proof that Pixar can’t affort to rest on their laurels (I still haven’t entirely forgiven them for the awfulness of Ratatouille), this film is it.

I just can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s funny and sweet and charming and…I could go on. I won’t. You probably saw it before me anyway. So just consider this review a very long way of me telling you I’m catching up slowly.

Oh, and by the by – the score is FANTASTIC. Ending review.


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