Who caused your cyber attack? You.

The criminals of today are the same as those of 30 years ago – they just have better weapons. The scale of cyber crime is truly staggering: data breaches in the US exceeded 6 million records in the first half of 2016 alone.

Want to Earn Six Figures In Your Pyjamas?

I’m going to shock you. If someone is telling you they can help you build your business in X number of days, they’re lying to you. They’re playing you. They’re not interested in helping you establish yourself. They’re interested in your money.

How Barbie Stole My Computing Lessons

You cannot imagine my delight when I first laid eyes on LEGO’s new Ideas Women of NASA play set. It includes Margaret Hamilton, one of the foremost names in Computer Science. She was the lead Apollo flight software engineer, and someone whose story I would frequently pull out of the hat when preaching to students […]

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