I live in Devon with my wife and son, our two cats (David Miaowee and Freddie Purrcury) and our Bassett Hound, Vivienne Westwoof. Outside the formality of this website, I also write for fun! I’m writing a middle grade novel about a girl with a time machine. I love music, and I’m currently teaching myself the piano. I run a number of Facebook pages: one is a haven for alumni of my high school, which has a reach of 5000 people. I’m passionate about writing, it’s my first and truest love. I’m also cursed with a dry sense of humour: I once wrote a poem that was published, but I was so sure they published every submission that I wrote them a terrible one – and that got published too. I ended up in the local paper and on the news. I took a peverse degree of pride in that.