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How Barbie Stole My Computing Lessons

You cannot imagine my delight when I first laid eyes on LEGO’s new Ideas Women of NASA play set. It includes Margaret Hamilton, one of the foremost names in Computer Science. She was the lead Apollo flight software engineer, and someone whose story I would frequently pull out of the hat when preaching to students […]

Is “Little Miss Inventor” really empowering?

I’ve complained about gender inequality in STEM subjects (or rather, the shoddy attempts to combat it) before. This is the Mr Men/Little Miss empire’s attempt to empower young girls and make the STEM world appealing.

Stranger danger in the 21st Century

It’s a reflection of living in a virtual world that we spend so much time on the World Wide Web. We can conduct our whole lives on there, whether we’re shopping, socialising, gaming, job hunting – even dating.

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